A personal search engine for everyone.

Operand makes the content you read online searchable from anywhere. It's perfect for individuals to keep track of what they've read, or for teams who need a better way to work together.


  • Instant search across the content of the webpages you've visited.
  • Never lose an article you've looked at before.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account and install the Chrome extension.
  2. Browse the web as you normally would. We'll index the content you read automatically.

We'll inject relevant content from your personal index right into Google search results!

For Teams

Say goodbye to information silos, and hello to a better way to work. Contact us to get started.

  • Pull knowledge from where you already work: Slack, Google Drive, Notion, and more. A single source of truth for your team.
  • Never question ownership again. Search over who-knows-what, and find the right person to talk to right away.
  • Keep everyone up to date, automatically. Proactive notifications to team members when new content is indexed that is relevant to their work.

Interested in using our platform as an API for your product or service? Learn more.

We take your privacy extremely seriously. Your search index is yours, and we won't index sensitive content or sell your data.

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