Build embedding-based apps faster and better.

Effortlessly store, search, and switch between embeddings with our fully managed, scalable, and serverless storage service, supporting various models and automatic data ingestion.

Effortlessly store and search embeddings at scale.

  • Fully managed, serverless, and scalable storage for embeddings.
  • Supports filtered and unfiltered embedding retrieval and search.
  • In-house vector database written in Zig for maximum performance and efficiency.

Seamlessly switch between embedding models.

  • Use any embedding model you want, commercial or open source.
  • Try out different models on a subset of your data before switching.
  • Change embedding models without rewriting code or app downtime.

Stop dealing with complex data ingestion frameworks.

  • Automatically embed common file types, i.e. text, images, audio and video.
  • Sync data from 20+ supported apps and external data sources.
  • Search indexes are updated in real-time as new data is ingested.

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