Make knowledge come alive

Operand is a simple, enterprise-ready API which makes it easy to leverage knowledge as a core feature in your product or service.

Content based search

Let your users search through the content and ideas within your knowledge base. World-class search, no NLP experience requirement.

const resp = await{
  collections: ["iMessage", "Discord"],
  query: "what's my starbucks order?",

Intelligent question answering

Use our language models to synthesize answers to questions, using indexed documents as a ground truth.

const resp = await operand.ask({
  collections: ["Slack", "Discord", "Gmail"],
  query: "what are our official brand colors?"

Knowledge discovery

Make knowledge come alive in your app, and power features such as intelligent autocomplete, typeahead, and proactive surfacing of content.

textbox.addEventListener("keyup", async (event) => {
  const resp = await{
    collections: ["Personal Blog", "Company Notion"],
    query: textbox.value,

Content recommendation

Find related profiles, documents, and knowledge.

const resp = await operand.recommend({
  collections: ["Wikipedia"],
  current: "Unicorn (finance)",
  limit: 3

Something not listed?

We can make customized setups that will suit your business use case perfectly.

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Only pay for what you use. $10/mo of free credit.

  • Easily index and organize all of your knowledge.

  • Use semantic search to find and relate ideas.

  • Generate useful answers and insights from your knowledge.

  • Get access to our community Discord server for support and help.


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