About us

We're a globally distributed team, but are headquartered in the historic Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. The company itself was founded on the idea of "Human-Computer Symbiosis" as put forth by J. C. R. Licklider. We believe that the future of computing lies in the tight integration between humans and computers, where each can augment the other's strengths.

Specifically, we're working on the idea of "making knowledge come alive", (see: Search is Solved, Discovery is Not).

In lieu of any formal job postings, we're currently hiring for the following roles:

  • Fullstack Engineer
  • BYOR (Bring your own role)

Our tech stack is pretty modern:

  • On the frontend, Next.js + Vercel + Prisma + PlanetScale
  • On the backend, Go + Postgres + Redis + Railway + Banana
  • For company stuff, Slack + GitHub

If you're interested in joining our team, please send us an email with a little blurb about yourself, and a demo link to something cool you've shipped to real users in the past ~6 months. Experience with NLP is a plus, but not required.