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Operator Log #0005

New Engine, Search My Notion, Security Improvements

Operator log


It’s Friday, and the most important news this week is that they started filming Dune: Part Two. A close second was that we’ve been working on a brand new engine called “Arrakis”, and will be leaving our old engine “Caladan” behind. This new engine features a number of key improvements, specifically related to the quality of search results.

What is an Engine?

Glad you asked. At Operand, an engine is just the set of techniques, algorithms, and other fun little secrets that we use to index objects. Once indexed, it’s possible to perform API operations such as search, Q&A and intelligent typeahead.

Some notable improvements (Caladan → Arrakis):

  • Ability to handle a much larger range of queries.
  • Better quality search results across the board.
  • Much better document-based search results when using an object as a document.

As of the release of this Operator log, all serverless users have been upgraded to use the new engine for free. Unfortunately, we had some downtime earlier in order to complete this migration and we aim to improve the transition process between engines in the near future.

Search My Notion

So with the new engine implemented we have released, which is semantic search for Notion powered by Operand. This is a soft-launch of the project since there are definitely still some bugs to squash but if you want to check it out the page is live. We have also open sourced the entire project so you can check out all of the code used to create this project.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added a banner to the dashboard for when maintenance is happening.
  • Various security improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where a notion access token would exposed when searching over a notion object.
  • Improve the paraphrase Q&A endpoint to be more selective in generating responses.