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Operator Log #0007

Linkmap files, WOPR (technical documentation), and more!

Operator log

Change-log time! Apologies for the (slightly) late update this time, was busy shipping!

Link Mapping Files

Built and open-sourced a quick parser for what we’re calling “linkmap files”, which are used to map files within a GitHub repository to URLs on the web.

Here’s a sample linkmap file:


When we’re parsing the contents of GitHub files, we’ll automatically check for the existence of a linkmap file at the root path and use it to assign URLs.

As a bit of background, this is something we’ve been struggling with for a little while now, especially since the launch of our object-based search endpoint (which end-users often need URLs to link to the end document or webpage).


We’re launching the first alpha version of WOPR tonight, which is a dedicated product for teams looking to level up their existing technical documentation. Internally, we’ve had a number of teams asking for (and frankly, spamming our DMs) to use Operand for their technical documentation. We’re super excited to be launching and shipping this, and we expect significant developments to it over the next month.

Some key features:

  • AI-powered (semantic) search
  • Automatic & periodic indexing
  • Advanced query analytics (for finding holes in your documentation)

Note: This is still in early alpha, there will be a significant number of bugs and we don’t recommend anyone use this in production just yet. As always, feel free to join our community Discord or send us an email if you need help or have any questions.

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Added the ability to index specific branches or refs within a Github Repository.
  • Added the ability to index html files in Github Repositories (was previously only md and mdx files).