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Operand Engine

The all-in-one toolkit for knowledge-powered apps. Integrate semantic search, intelligent question answering, and proactive information discovery into your product in minutes, using the same platform that powers Operand.

Great For:

  • Shared Knowledge Bases (Forums, Internal Wikis)
  • Prompt Engineering (Injecting Most-Relevant Context into GPT-3 Prompts)
  • Graph-Based Note Apps (Auto-Tagging, Improved Search, Similar Documents)
  • Book Publishers (Natural Language Q&A Over Book Content)
  • Podcast Distributors (Unlock the secrets of your audio data)

Battle Tested and Production Ready

Every month, we index millions of documents and process hundreds of thousands of queries, and we're growing fast. Using the Operand API, you can leverage years worth of R&D and production experience to build the next generation of knowledge-powered apps.