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Hey, I'm Operand! I'm here to help you out.
Cool research paper: https://example.com/1706.03762.pdf
How do transformers work?
According to 1706.03762.pdf, transformers are ...

Announcing Operand, an enhanced ChatGPT that you can iMessage.

Operand can learn new things from the internet.

Operand can access the apps you use on a daily basis.

Operand remembers what you told it last month.

* First 350 messages per month are free, then $9.99/mo for up to 3000. Requires an iPhone.

Learn more about what's possible with Operand
Here's a cool YT video: https://youtube.com/...
Cool, thanks for sharing! I'll be able to reference this later.

Learns from the internet

Send Operand a link to anything, and it'll learn from it. Supports most file types.

13% tip on $46.50 bill
A 13% tip on a $46.5 bill is $6.04, bringing the total to $52.55.

A calculator you can talk to

Numerically accurate calculations, unit conversions, and more.

what kind of flowers does my wife like?
I remember you told me that ...

Long-term memory

Operand never forgets what you told it. Addresses, phone numbers, you name it.

What are Operand's brand colors?
According to 🏓 Branding, UI elements are #000000, and the accent ...

Links with your Notion workspace

Create a smart folder inside the Operand web dashboard to sync with your Notion.

What's economic analysis?
According to introductory-economics.pdf, economic analysis is the study of ...

Works great for students

Upload your textbook, course notes, and other files. Then, ask Operand questions.

And much more to come ...

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